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Aggressive & Relentless

“Even the IRS isn’t this aggressive” –Debtor 2014

Practice Areas

Commercial Collection Attorneys

Cuzzolina collects commercial debt. If you finance equipment or inventory, deliver goods and services on credit, or otherwise have money on the street you must collect it. If a debtor is ignoring your invoices, or otherwise failing to respond to requests for payment, something is wrong. Contact Cuzzolina for practical debt collection solutions.

Judgment Enforcement and Collections

Cuzzolina has been continuously collecting debts and judgments for over a decade. Cuzzolina is a licensed California attorney, but collects debts all over. Unbounded by state lines and the borders of countries, Cuzzolina’s successfully collected State and Federal court judgments from individuals, public and private companies, and the bankrupt in California, Kentucky, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, and Mexico. Whether you’re seeking to recover a judgment of $5,000 or $5 million, Cuzzolina can help you collect. Cuzzolina offers hourly, contingency, and hybrid fee collection retainers. Often, Cuzzolina can collect the entire amount of your judgment and the debtor pays Cuzzolina’s attorney fees.

Cuzzolina collects for attorneys

No matter what type of law you practice, P.I., U.D., family law, etc., over the years you’ve accumulated judgments and debts. If you don’t collect them, hire Cuzzolina to do it for you.

Private Clients

Artists, elderly, Businesses, the sue, and be sued alike

Choose Cuzzolina for pragmatic counsel regarding lawsuits, contracts, negotiations, and asset management and protection. Rather than present with ostentation and bow to the billable hour, Cuzzolina offers insightful and economic solutions.

Outside General Counsel

Not just for Litigation…
Many decisions, and decision makers, benefit from the advice of counsel. Still, it may not be practical to have an attorney in house or on staff to assist in legal, contract, or general business matters on a limited basis. Cuzzolina offers Outside General Counsel to clients who want the convenience of having an attorney on call but not the expense of hiring one full time or paying big law retainers for services which are only required under limited circumstances.

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