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My business has bad debt, but I am worried about the negative feedback from “going nuclear” and suing my debtors. What should I do?
Viva voce gets around either way, if you don’t enforce your invoices and contracts people take advantage. On the other hand, if debtors know your business collects outstanding invoices and further know the consequences of failing to pay, their more likely to take what they pay for and pay for what they take. This strategy adds both real and intangible value to your businesses products and services too.

I’ve been served with a summons and complaint. My business has been sued. What should I do?
If you’re going to lose…
Lose quickly and economically. If you’re on the wrong end of a dispute, you probably already know you’re holding a bad hand, if you don’t, hopefully your attorney can tell you. Some Attorneys prolong the inevitable or litigate some lofty, loser, defense while exhausting assets which could otherwise be used to end the matter and stop the bleeding. Worse, fighting a losing case may prove far more costly than settling as litigants facing an adverse attorney fee shifting clause or statute could end up owing much more defending some long-shot strategy. The horror stories regarding lawsuits involving $20K costing north of $200K in legal fees are true. If you’re considering fighting a loser, you must be fully apprised of the risks and understand the depth and severity of what losing might truly cost. Cuzzolina counsels mitigation of a losing case. Take your lumps and move on. Don’t waste time or money fighting for a lost cause.

If you’re going to win…
Tighten the screws and make the most of it.

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